Judge Burautsou refuses to present a copy of the court verdict to Yana Paliakova’s mother

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

As said to the press-service of Charter97 by the head of the Center on Human Rights Raisa Mikhailouskaya, Salihorsk district court refuses to issue a copy verdict to the mother of the perished human rights defender Yana Paliakova.

‘On 10 March the judge Burautsou refused to issue a copy of the court verdict to the mother’, she said.

Alexander Burautsou is the judge who on 3 March sentenced Yana Paliakova to 2.5 years of personal restraint under Article 400, part 2 of the Criminal Code, ‘knowingly false delation’.

As stated by Raisa Mikhailouskaya, Yana’s mother needs a copy of the verdict to appeal against the verdict of Salihorsk district court.

In November 2008 harassment of the human rights activists by law-enforcement agencies received a wide publicity. Yana Paliakova stated that she was repeatedly detained by the police because of her oppositional activities. She was beaten at the police department, one time the policemen almost fractured her hand. Yana Paliakova was also a member of the team of Alexander Kazulin’s daughter Volha Kazulina during the parliamentary elections 2008.

On 7 March Yana committed suicide.