Pressurization of Astravets activists continues

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The prosecutor Astravets issued the warrant for examination of the apartments of Ivan Kruk and Mikalai Ulasevich, active participants of the civil initiative against construction of the nuclear power plant in Astravets district. The warrant was issued on Friday and the police tried to examine the apartments the same day.

However, they did not manage to do it, as nobody was at home in Ulasevich’s apartment, and the son of Ivan Kruk refused to let anybody in without the father’s permission.

Today the prosecutor explained to I.Kruk that the warrant was issued in connection with the issue of the unregistered edition Astravetski Vesnik.

This bulletin was issued by members of the organizing committee of the civil initiative ‘Astravets nuclear power plant is a crime’. The first issue contains materials with arguments against construction of the nuclear power plant.

Members of the organizing committee believe that construction of the nuclear power plant is inadmissible in the most seismically insecure zone of Belarus.

Bear in mind that member of the organizing committee have repeatedly addressed the local authorities for authorization of pickets and a meeting with scientists with the aim to prove the inexpediency of construction of the nuclear power plant. Each time they received a refusal. Besides, the local state regional newspaper refused to publish any articles by members of the organizing committee with criticism of the position of the Belarusian authorities on construction of the power plant.

‘As a result of all this we had to start a new edition’, emphasized Mikola Ulasevich. Kruk and Ulasevich have already lodged a complaint to the Prosecutor General against the actions of the district prosecutor.