Human rights civil association ‘Brestskaya Viasna’ is denied registration again

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The fourth attempt to register the human rights organization in Brest oblast was unsuccessful. The main justice department of Brest oblast executive committee refused to register the civil human rights association Brestskaya Viasna.

One of the founders of the human rights association Uladzimir Vialichkin said that the formal reason for non-registration was the absence of the receipt for the newspaper advertismenent about registration of the association.

Uladzimir Vialichkin: ‘The official reason for the registration denial was that we did not attach to the registration documents the receipt for newspaper advertisement about the state registration of the NGO. I think that it is a wire-drawn reason. When we passed the documents for registration we thought that there could be some defects, but due to the declared liberalization we counted on assistance in the registration process. However, we see that the local authorities have no wish to register a human rights organization. I think they were very pleased when they found that there was no receipt.’

On receiving the official registration denial the human rights activists held a constituent assembly of ‘Nasha Viasna’ and directed documents for registration once again.

Uladzimir Vialichkin: ‘Even if there is some formal reason for refusal, we will apply  again. If we don’t agree to the conclusion of the main justice department, we will sue them.’

Bear in mind that in the beginning of March the Mnistry of Justice refused to register the civil human rights association Nasha Viasna. Human rights activists state that by such actions the authorities violate human rights and the international agreements in the sphere of human rights.