Belarusians of the world cannot find accommodation for assembly

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The fifth world convention of Belarusians of the world, organized by the World Alliance of Belarusians Batskawshchyna has been scheduled for 18-19 July. Delegates from 29 countries are going to take part in it.

The main topic of the forum is ‘National identity of Belarusians in the modern world: the problems of its keeping and development.’

For preparation of the event there has been established the Organizing committee that includes 88 representatives from Belarus and other countries. The co-chairmen of the committee are Radzim Haretski, Aliaksei Marachkin and Alena Makouskaya from Belarus, Aleh Rudakou from Russia and Viachka Stankevich from the US.

However, the assembly organizers still cannot find an accommodation for the assembly. Minsk Culture House of Railway Workers and the House of Trade Unions have already refused to accommodate the event. The Palace of the Republic has still given no answer.

The administration of Batskawshchyna does not rule out that they can have to hold the event abroad. Among the possible variants there are Vilnius, Kyiv, Daugavpils, Smolensk and places outside Minsk.

The previous four concentions were held in 1993, 1997, 2001 and 2005 in Minsk.