‘Young Front’ activist Artsiom Dubski placed to pre-trial prison in Asipovichy

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The activist of the Young Front Artsiom Dubski has been placed to the pre-trial prison in Asipovichy in connection with a criminal case for evasion from punishment (personal restraint) that has been brought against him recently. The prosecutor has three days to decide whether to leave the activist in jail or release him under written undertaking not to leave the town.

Bear in mind that on 3 March Asipovichy court dropped the criminal case against Artsiom Dubski on material harm because of conciliation of the sides. After the end of the trial the police guarded Artsiom to Asipovichy town police department for filling documents on another acse.

Youth activists held an action of support near the police department. About 30 people lined in front of the building, holding portraits of Dubski, white-red-white flags and the banner ‘Freedom to Dubski!’. They chanted ‘Long live Belarus!’ and ‘Set Dubski Free!’

BelaPAN reminds that Artsiom, one of the accused in the ‘process of 14’, was sentenced to two years of personal restraint without direction to a penitentiary institution for participation in a protest action of entrepreneurs in January 2008. He was set off a train on 13 February in Homel during an attempt to cross the Belarusian-Russian border. He lived in the Ukraine during the last months before the detention. In October 2008 he addressed the Ukrainian authorities with the request to give him political asylum, but then revoked the petition.