Belarusian women demand to stop prosecution of citizens

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According to the BelaPAN news agency, over 60 women from across Belarus, convicted for minor offences pertaining to their political activity, have adopted a resolution to the Belarusian authorities urging them to stop criminal prosecution of their compatriots, including the Minsk resident Liudmila Samusenka and Babruisk residents Luidmila Karaulava and Nadzeya Davydava.
The former was accused of libel after she addressed the Ministry of the Interior with a request to provide information concerning her personal rights and interests.
On 12 February 2009 the police conducted an illegal search in the private house of Liudmila Karaulava, resulting in her disabled mother’s death on 22 February, after the policemen left the doors open and exposed the 90-year-old woman to cold.
The resolution also states the fact of the illegal detention of the two under-aged grandchildren of Nadzeya Davydava for crossing the railway in Baruisk, Mahiliou region.
The claimants say they fear to be harassed in the similar way in future.