Barysau ideologist hinders sale of ‘Borisovskie Novosti’

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Barysau ideologist Liudmila Harnak does not let the local entrepreneurs to sell the non-state regional newspaper Borisovskie Novisti.

Individual entrepreneur Sviatlana Volava has been trying to obtain the necessary documents for a month already. She has troubles because the edition is on her list of goods.

The woman has got registered as an individual entrepreneur and wants to sell newspapers and magazines at the town market. However, when she came to the ideological department of Barusau executive committee for approval of her goods list, she faced an unexpected problem.

‘The main ideologist of the executive committee Liudmila Harnak stated that  she would sign the list of goods only without Borisovskie Novosti in it’ said S.Volava in her interview with the BAJ. This the reason why she, being a single mother, cannot start working for about a month already. Instead, she has to pay visits to the ideologist Harnak several times a week.

The situation was further escalated by an article in Borisovskie Novisti, after which the ideologist blankly stated that she would not sign the document. Now Sviatlana Volava intends to come to the deputy head of Barysau executive committee. She hopes that he would help to solve the issue.