Swedish Helsinki Committe issues statement on Nasha Viasna registration

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Ms Natalia Petkevich
First Deputy Head 
Administration of the President Republic of Belarus
Karl Marx Street 38
220016 Minsk 

Stockholm, 23 February 2009

Dear Ms Petkevich,

I am writing to you concerning the registration of the Belarusian human rights organisation Nasha Viasna, which submitted an application for registration to the ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus on 26 January 2009. On behalf of the Swedish Helsinki Committee for Human Rights I would like to express strong support for Nasha Viasna and urge you to ensure the registration of this important human rights organisation. 

The application of Nasha Viasna gives Belarus an opportunity to show that the country is taking serious steps towards democratisation and respect for human rights. We encourage Belarus to register Nasha Viasna and bring its practice in line with its international obligations on freedom of association. We believe that the granting of registration to Nasha Viasna will be viewed favourably internationally and act in support of the European aspirations of the Belarus political establishment.

The representatives of Nasha Viasna are in our opinion highly competent in protection and promotion of human rights and rule of law in the region. Given the legal right to work for human rights in Belarus they will certainly contribute to higher respect for basic rights in your country, which would benefit all citizens of Belarus.

Yours sincerely,
Robert Hårdh
Secretary General