Franak Vyachorka was beaten on day he was called up

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The military prosecutor’s office admitted the fact of beating of the leader of the “BPF Youth” on the day he was called up.

Father of the opposition activist, deputy head of the Belarusian Popular Front Vintsuk Vyachorka, received an answer to his complaint of January 29 from the Minsk inter-garrison prosecutor’s office.

The answer, signed by lieutenant colonel of justice A. Vasilyuk, deputy head of the Minsk inter-garrison military prosecutor, informed Vintsuk Vyachorka that he was denied instigation of a criminal case against staff of the recruiting center of the Savetski district and the 432nd Main military clinic medical center on the ground using physical force and abuse of power.

At the same time, the military prosecutor’s office extracted materials on using force against Franak Vyachorka by “militiaman (including unidentified persons in mufti) and sent them to other competent investigative agencies.

The military prosecutor’s office examined Franak Vyachorka in the military unit in Baranavichy:

“According to a report of the expert #263 of 30.01.2009, during examination of F. Vyachorka on 29.01.2009, were found: a bruise on the anterointernal part of the right shoulder (1), a bruise (1) and an injury (1) on the posterior surface of the right forearm in the projection of the radiocarpal joint, bruises on the back of the right wrist in the projection of the third carpal bone (1), on the external surface of the left upper arm (1), on the posterior surface of the left forearm in the projection of the left radiocarpal joint (1), on the antero-external surface of the right lower leg (1). These 7 injuries, taken into account a possibility of a simultaneous appearing of some of them, appeared as a result of not less than 6 traumatic exposure of blunt objects (...). Possibilities that the above mentioned injures appeared on the date and in the circumstances, called by the victim, are not excluded.”

Vintsuk Vyachorka, father of the youth activist, commented on the answer of the inter-garrison prosecutor’s office:

“We had no doubts that a criminal case wouldn’t be instigated. But the details of the so called draft are obvious. The secret services, due to their absence of experience or overconfidence, left so many traces, including those on the body of my son, that it is impossible to ignore them. The answer of the inter-garrison prosecutor’s office confirms he had been beaten. There are witnesses who how he left hospital guarded by unknown people. The impudent lawlessness must be stopped. We won’t keep silence. We will appeal against this dismissal.”

It should be reminded that on July 16, 2008, the medical board of the recruiting center of the Savetski district of Minsk found Franak Vyachorka unfit for military service because of is health. Vyachorka had a determent due to eye surgery and some chronic diseases. He was made to appear before another medical commission that found him fir for the military service. On January 17, Franak Vyachorka appealed against the actions of the military men and doctors at the draft campaign. The court admitted Franak Vyachorka fit for military service despite problems with health.