Police forcefully evict people from the private houses standing on the way of subway line

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 12 February 12 the police and court marshals forcefully evicted Minsk dweller Vasil Khadzkou from his private house in Dziarzhynski Street, where a metro line is being constructed.

Vasil Khadzkou refused to let the public officers in, and then the police pushed the man into a police car forcefully and took him to Maskouski district court. He will be tried for contumacy. The evicted man may face administrative arrest for contumacy, RFE/RL reports.

But Vasil Khadzkou told officers of court he didn’t refuse to obey the court, but asked the court to give explanations for eviction.

‘What eviction? Where to? Out in the street? The law is the law. According to the law, the apartment must be transferred into ownership, so do it,’ he clamors.

As compensation, Maskouski district executive committee gave a two-room apartment for three persons, Khadzkou, his ex-wife, and his son. Vasil Khadzkou went to law to appeal against this decision, because he divorces long ago, but lost the suit. Khadzkou asked the court to explain him why he would own an apartment where another family lives and has the same rights. The court didn’t give any explanations and appointed 12 February for enforced eviction.

The offices of court decided not to burst into the house, defended by Vasil Khadzkou, and called to the police for help. Loaders of ‘Direction of Minsk Metro Construction’ broke the doors with crowbars and took things out of the former owner under the supervision of the officers of court.

Vasil Khadzkou says he is going to appeal against the eviction. The owner of the house reminded about his meeting with an official of the Maskouski district executive committee.

‘The official says the divorce was fictitious, so I needn’t an apartment. In violation of the law, it was decided by them, not by the court,’ he noted.

Vasil Khadzkou and more than a hundred of Minsk dwellers, sent complaints to the administration of Alexander Lukashenka. Owners of the houses protest against eviction due to metro construction and call on the authorities to study out possible machinations of officials with allocated apartments.

The residents of other private houses which are to be pulled down lawlessly, protest against violation of their rights.

A huge streamer appeared at the building #49 in Umanskaya Street. It was written there: ‘Mister President! By demolishing this house, rights of citizens guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus are violated.’

Bear in mind that on 30 January 2009 the court of Maskouski district of Minsk cancelled property rights of an owner for the individual two-storey building (380 square meters of total area). The Vaskabovichy family lives in the house. They are 9, three of them are infants. The Vaskabovichys have been denied to choose the way of compensation for demolished house. All the family members have been resettled to two social apartments in the Loshytsa suburb. The total area of their new dwellings is half as much as the previous one.