Provocation against Union of Poles in Belarus

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 11 February in Sapotskin, Hrodna region, leaflets have emerged with a call to Belarusian Poles to finance the congress of the Union of Poles in Belarus on 14-15 March. The appeal was signed by the chairperson of the Union of Poles in disgrace.

It has been stated by Hrodna-based journalist Andzhei Pachobut. As said by him, leaflets were pasted in the places where official reports are placed, and they were printed on official blanks of the Union, with a scanned signature of the chairperson. ‘Anzhalika Borys is in Poland now, and she asked us on the phone to file an appeal to the prosecutor’s office concerning this fake document,’ Pachobut said to Nasha Niva.

According to the text of the leaflet, money is to be transmitted to the account of Polonika firm, which had many times granted its premises for sessions of the UPB. ‘There already was an incident with a provocation staged against Polonika. An advertisement appeared in a newspaper that the firm helps to open visas. After that tax police and police visited the firm,’ the journalist said. He does not exclude that the yesterdays’ incident would end in the same way.

Recently provocations against members of the independent Union of Poles in Belarus have become more often. The entrance door of the apartment of A.Pachobut was damaged, and a note with threats was left beside. In addition, the unknown called his daughter many times.