KGB continues recruiting informers among students

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Recently the State Security Committee has proposed ‘cooperation’ to Dzmitry Fiaskou, second-year student of Homel State Agrarian-economical College.

At the end of the week he was summonsed to the office of the vice-head of the headmaster on education Sviatlana Sarvirava. She left him there eye to eye with a KGB officer.

According to Dzmitry Fiaskou, the officer asked him about the Young Front and its activist Andrei Tsianiuta, about friends, leisure, etc. Then he asked the boy to inform KGB about the activities of the Young Front, but Fiaskou refused.

Andrei Tsianiuta comments: ‘Here we have another example of psychological pressurization. The authorities want to extinguish the wave of youth protest.’

Andrei does not rule out that now the administration of the college will try to expel Dzmitry Fiaskou. There remains one hope: Sviatlana Sarvirava is the author of a Training aid on human rights. In this document it is stated ‘the students with developed juridical consciousness deeply learn the firmness of human rights and liberties and perceive them as something natural.’ Among the tasks there are ‘upbringing of the feeling of dignity and awareness of the supreme value of person.’ May be, the teacher will be guided not by the political expediency, but by her own principles then?