Hantsavichy: Ales Zanko has been released from jail

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While being examined by a medical commission concerning his fitness for work, Ales Zanko had to apply for help to the oblast department of health care. The vice-headmaster of Hantsavichy district hospital Yauhen Nestsiarchuk took revenge on Zanko for it. He applied to the police with the statement that Mr. Zanko insulted him with foul language. In addition, he got the head of Hantsavichy house economy refuse to employ Ales Zanko. As a result, instead of getting a job Ales was imprisoned for 10 days. When Radio Racyja asked judge Uladzimir Kosmach why the punishment was so severe, the latter refused from commenting on it and said only that he issued the verdict with the account of the delinquent’s personality. Bear in mind that Ales Zanko is the son of a well-known opposition activist Mikalai Zanko.

After the verdict was pronounced, Ales declared a hunger-strike of protest. He had to stop it on the 10th day because of the intolerable pain in his ill stomach. The police and the prosecutor’s office treated the action of protest indifferently, though an ambulance was called to the protester’s ward three times. Ales Zanko has already appealed against the court verdict at Hantsavichy district court.

Neither Mikalai, nor Ales Zianko can’t get a job in their native town. However, they are optimistic about it. They used to work in Moscow and hope to find a job elsewhere, if it’s impossible in Hantsavichy.