Only a small part of confiscated property is returned to For Freedom’ movement

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According to the ruling of Pershamaiski district court of Minsk only 9 out of the 39 confiscated items were returned to an activist of the For Freedom movement Aliaksei Kavalets.

Bear in mind that the property at the apartment rented by Kavalets was attached by the court marshal of Pershamaiski district of Minsk on 18 November 2008. It was allegedly done for execution of the verdict according to which the property was to be confiscated from the defendant who lived in the apartment before Kavalets. Among the confiscated items there were electrical appliances, furniture, clocks, a luster, computers, office supplies and a telephone.

Mr. Kavalets appealed against the unlawful confiscation of property to Pershamaiski district court. He presented to the court an excerpt from the report about the arrest of the defendant’s property, where it was stated that there was no property liable to arrest in the apartment. The court also paid no attention to the fact that the apartment had been rented since 2000.

Judge Revinskaya ruled that only nine items were to be returned to the plaintiff, including a computer, several office supplies, electric furnace and a water cooler.

‘All this case and confiscation of property is a political order. I am an aide of the head of the For Freedom movement Alexander Milinkevich and think that such actions of the authorities are pressurization for my active civil and political position. The authorities are trying to impede our activities anyhow,’ commented Aliaksei Kavalets.

‘We are indignant at such a verdict, because the confiscated items were donated to For Freedom movement by our adherents. At present the organization has a state registration and acts absolutely legally. It contradicts to any logic and common sense,’ added Alexander Milinkevich.