Offender rehabilitation centers to be created in Vitsebsk region

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According to Vitsebsk regional prosecutor Henadz Dysko, over 50% of crimes in the region are committed by ex-convicts. He says it is not only because of their propensity to break the law, but due to certain social aspects as well. Going at large, offenders sometimes cannot find a job or even do not have a place to live. Employers do not usually welcome such workers. Besides, the amount of released convicts is much larger that the number of vacancies. In 2008 only 250 working places were reserved for them – meanwhile over 2,000 people were released last year.

Having no means of subsistence, people tend to turn relapse criminals. The prosecutor says some criminals purposefully break the law to go to jail, where they are safe from cold weather and hunger.

As a result, Aliaksandr Kasinets, head of Vitsebsk Regional Executive Committee, ordered to create a number of rehabilitation centers for ex-convicts in Vitsebsk and Orsha.