Hanging up national flag equaled with hooliganism

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

An activist of “European Belarus” Marta Majseenka has been fined for flying the national flag on October Square in Minsk.

On December 30 the girl was detained for hanging up the national flag on the New Year Tree on October Square in Minsk. Riot policemen traditionally accused her of foul speech in a public place. The girl spent a night in a cell in the police department of Tsentralny district. A report was drawn up on charges relating article 17.1 of the Administrative Code (“petty hooliganism”) against the activist. Trial started the next day, but as witnesses, riot policemen who detained Marta, didn’t appear in the court, the trial was rescheduled for January 13, the website of “European Belarus” campaign informs.

The next hearing of the court was held without Majseenka. Information appeared on January 26 that Judge Tatsyana Paulyuchuk adopted a decision to fine the girl 175,000 Brb.

“The ruling of the court is another confirmation that nothing stands behind the talks about liberalisation. Under an arbitrary charge I spent almost 24 hours behind the bars, and then fined. Opposition activists as before are charged with the things they haven’t performed; they are detained, fined, expelled from universities. Peaceful protests of opposition are disbanded. Repressions continue as before, only their forms have changed insignificantly,” Marta Majseenka comments the ruling of the court.