In search of efficient means to protect Kurapaty memorial forest from vandals

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According to BelaPAN, at a special press-conference on 21 January, head of the Belarusian Society for the Protection of Monuments Anton Astapovich suggested creating a public committee for the protection of the Kurapaty memorial forest, located on the outskirts of Minsk.

Mr.Astapovich said the committee will have to coordinate its activity with the official custodian of the memorial Maya Kliashtornaya.

Mr.Astapovich also suggested addressing Minsk District Prosecutor’s Office with a demand to re-investigate the cases of defacing the monument in 2006-2008.

Famous Belarusian historian Ihar Kuzniatsou thinks the people of Belarus have a right to demand organizing a police guarding of the memorial, formally treated by the state as a monument of international significance.