Brestskaya viasna applies for registration

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

As a result of a constituent assembly of the newly founded human rights public association Brestskaya viasna held in Brest on 15 January, Uladzimir Vialichkin was elected its head. Uladzimir Malei was elected vice-head of the organization.

The founders are now applying for registration to Brest city authorities.

The aim of the organization is providing legal assistance, protecting the rights of Belarusian citizens in court and maintaining HR education projects.

According to Mr.Vialichkin, the organization will focus its activities on human rights. ‘We will try to help ordinary people of Brest region to protect their rights. The overgrown bureaucracy of Belarus has repeatedly ignored the rights of people. Moreover, the Belarusian educational system does not train legal culture at all. As a result, officials would normally suppress any opposition, both in court and in everyday life,’ said Mr.Vialichkin.

Brestskaya viasna was founded by a number of human rights activists, which had previously worked with the Human Rights Center Viasna’s local office, closed down by the Ministry of Justice in 2004.