Brest: court supports prohibition of ‘March of Petty Hooligans’

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The College Board on civil cases of Brest oblast court upheld the prohibition of the March of Petty Hooligans by Brest city executive committee.

It was already the second sitting of Brest oblast court on appeal against the verdict of Leninski district court of Brest. The judges agreed with the arguments of Brest OEC officers, who stated that Savetskaya Street was being repaired. The only concession which was made to the applicants is that all of them were exempt from paying the court fee.

One of the plaintiffs, an activist of the For Freedom movement Raman Kisliak, disagrees with the court verdict.

‘We know it well enough that the repairs at the mentioned zone of Savetskaya Street are over. Furthermore, there is even the state act confirming the end of the repairs. It was not submitted to the court, though we insisted on it. However, even if they would have proposed us to go to the Locomotive stadium, we would not have agreed. A street action at a stadium is absurd,’ Mr. Kisliak said.

The activist is going to appeal against the verdict of Brest oblast court in the review instances and defend his right to express his views in public.

‘We will apply to the heads of Brest oblast court and the Supreme Court. If it gives no results, then we will apply to the UN Human Rights Committee,’ he says.