Decision about Ivan Shyla’s ability to serve in military postponed

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The sitting of the medical commission, which is to make a decision about Ivan Shyla’s ability to serve in the military, is postponed again. 

On December 15th, deputy chairman of Young Front Ivan Shyla was to undergo the final medical examination, where the medical commission was to make the final verdict if the young man was able-bodied. 

However, for unclear reasons the sitting of the commission was postponed for the next week. Earlier, the sitting had already been postponed from Friday to Monday. 

During this week Ivan Shyla will additionally have to undergo medical examination of a psychologist in Salihorsk and in Minsk. 

In the opinion of Young Front leader Zmitser Dashkevich, the unhurried decision –making about Shyla’s ability to serve in the military is linked to the fact that the top officials still haven’t made up their minds about the issue.