Ministry of Justice demands explanations concerning activities of BPF Youth

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The Ministry of Justice submitted to the Board of the Belarusian Popular Front Party the demand to present information on BPF Youth. In the text of the ministry’s request it is also said that all structures of political parties must be created on territorial principle. ‘Therewith, according to the information of the Ministry of Justice, recently the activities of a structure of the BPF Party – BPF Youth have started. In particular, on 25-26 October 2008 the assembly of this structure was held and its chairman was elected,’ writes the deputy minister of justice A.Bileichyk.

The Ministry of Justice gives to the party one week for submitting explanations about the grounds for creation and activities of the BPF Youth.

The responsible secretary of the BPF Party, lawyer Uladzimir Labkovich considers this demand illegal. ‘Of course, we will prepare and submit explanations to the Ministry of Justice. This demand looks absurd, as well as all previous ones. It is not grounded on the legislation. Pitifully enough, the Ministry of Justice treats some legal provisions narrowly and does not understand that political parties can act on the whole territory of Belarus and some of their organ can be established without abidance by the territorial principle…

It is impossible to speak of any liberalization in Belarus as long as political parties cannot act freely within the legal framework. I consider this address as further persecution of political parties and the BPF Party in particular.’