Ideological pressurization… just like in USSR

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 5 December a pupil of the 10th form of secondary school #1 of Dokshytsy town Pavel Maliuzhanets was called for a conversation with the school administration. The reason was his principal unwillingness to join pro-president BRSM youth organization.

‘Schoolmaster Uladzimer Artsimionka and deputy schoolmaster of educational work Sviatlana Vialichka called me during a lesson, took me to the schoolmaster’s cabinet and began to persuade me and threaten I might have problems in school. But I managed to gain my point. I think the school administration will press over me. I am happy to see most of my classmates supporting me – they were waiting for me near the cabinet during the conversation,’ told Pavel to Nasha Niva.

The same day teacher of foreign language Uladzimer Miadziukha, who afforded negative remarks concerning the BRSM at a lesson, was called to the schoolmaster, too. Secretary of the BRSM Dokshytsy district committee assured the organization had no relation to actions of the school administration and promised to remind the administration such actions are unacceptable.