Democratic activist Ihar Salavei is… wanted

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

It has been found out today that activist of the For Freedom movement Ihar Salavei is put on the wanted list. He learnt it when he came to the Pinsk military enlistment office.

A report on article 25.2 part 3 of the Administrative Code was drawn up against him by officers of the military enlistment office. The report reads he didn’t visit the military office when he was abroad, Radio Racyja reports.

‘I refused to sign the report, because I don’t agree with it. I was abroad, and I couldn’t visit the office on summons. In think my absence in Belarus is not a ground for an administrative case. The reports wasn’t signed by any officer of the military enlistment office, the reports doesn’t contain any information expect for number of the article. However, a trial is to take place on 11 December.

I have spoken with lieutenant colonel Kupchynau, head of drafting detachment, today. It is him, who called me to the military enlistment office last year, in August 2007, and after conversation with whom I had a four-hour questioning at the KGB. They threatened I could be arrested and a criminal case over treason and espionage could be instigated. I asked Kupchynau what relations the military enlistment office and the KGB have to me. Are they against me? The lieutenant colonel was nonplussed and didn’t answer,’ Ihar Salavei tells.

Ihar Salavei was restricted to travel abroad on decisio of the military enlistment office. It happened after his return from Poland.