Search in BPF activist apartment

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Police of Drahichhyn department burst into an apartment of Uladzimir Kazyeka, member of the Belarusian Popular Front party.

Uladzimir said on phone that militiamen were waiting for him and forced him open the door. According to him, the policemen found around 2,000 copies of “Tut i Tsyaper” newspaper during the search, RFE/RL reports.

At 11.20 am, the search was still in progress. Uladzimir Kazyeka says that five officers of Drahichyn police department were in the room at this time.

“They are talking on their mobile phone constantly. They are asking what, where and how they should search. They warned that they would draw up a report and may take me to the militia department,” the BPF activist said.

Uladzimir Kazyeka is 45 years old, he is a public activist, head of BPF group of Drahichyn. He run for parliament this year.