Journalist Vieranika Charkasava Assassinated Four Years Ago

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Four years have passed since the time Vieranika Charkasava was cruelly murdered in her private apartment on October 20th. The legal investigation cannot find anything new on the case. It has been suspended for more than a year already. The latest suspension was announced "for the lack of the person that could be charged as the accused" in February 2007.

However, the law machinery is not leaving Vieranika’s family alone. Thus, Vieranika’s mother Dyjana Charkasava and stepfather Uladzimir Mialeshka were interrogated again at the Public Prosecutor’s Office for Pershamayski City District of Minsk on October 8, 2008.

The Public Prosecutor for Piershamayski City District of Minsk authorized holding a police search in the apartment, belonging to Vieranika’s parents on the same day. The police officers told that they were looking for "armory, drugs and stolen things" during the search. Finally, the police didn’t take anything after the search. Dyjana Charkasava and Uladzimir Mialeshka were inquired during the interrogation, where Vieranika’s son Antony could be found. 

"Antony is residing abroad now. He had to leave, as it was clear that the legal investigation was getting back to him as "the main candidate to the offender. During all four years they haven’t been searching for the real criminals. They were preparing grounds in order to link Vieranika’s murder to Antony," Vieranika’s mother Diana Charkasava noted in her interview to the BAJ Press Service.

A group of journalists laid flowers on Vieranika’s grave in Kalodzishchy on October 20, 2008.


A Web-site, presenting the story and the progress of legal investigation on the murder case of Vieranika Charkasava, was started in April 2006: