Even children are interrogated concerning ‘blast case’

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Yauhen Herasimenka, 9-year-old citizen of the village of Verameiki, was summonsed to the police in connection with the investigation of the case concerning the blast that had taken place on 4 July in Minsk. Yauhen’s mother informed about it Raman Razhdzestvenski, journalist for Krychau newspaper Volny Horad. According to her, the police were going even to take her son’s fingerprints. The boy was to have come to the police department on 9 October, but the mother did not let him go there to save him from possible psychical traumas.

Moreover, the boy has already been interrogated in connection with the blast, right in the school where he learns. The reason is that on 3-4 July the boy and his mother were visiting his grandmother in Zaslauye, not far from Minsk.