Military enlistment office wants Pavel Nazdra to pay fine twice

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On 9 October the member of the organizing committee of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Party Pavel Nazdra was summonsed to court. It is demanded that he should pay a fine, which he has already paid. He presented to the court a copy of the payment receipt, but the court ignored it.

Bear in mind that on 14 July Mr. Nazdra was judged on a case that had been brought by Mazyr military enlistment office in June. Pavel was charged with having not timely informed the military enlistment office about being fired from a job. The activist states that these charges are groundless, as it is the duty of the employer to present such information to the state agencies. Nevertheless, the court found him guilty and sentenced to pay a fine of about $30. Pavel Nazdra paid this fine immediately after the trial. However, now the court states that a copy of the receipt is not evidence and instead of filing an inquiry to the bank they are going to seize something from his property.