Innocent ex-policeman is justified

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At the assized court in the district center Sharkoushchyna the judge Liudmila Laryna justified the former policeman Alexander Babich, who had been sentenced to 26 months of conditional imprisonment.

The matter is that police sergeant Babich detained a local citizen during the sale of stolen diesel fuel and reported to his bosses about it. He did not know that the detainee had good relations with officers of Sharkaushchyna district police department. As a result the policeman was dismissed from the police department. When he tried to get rehabilitated at work, criminal proceedings were started against him. He was kept in pre-trial prison for seven months and then was sentenced to 26 months of jail.

Thanks to the support of his family and the human rights activists Pavel Levinau and Valer Shchukin Baich managed to get the case reviewed by court, as a result of which the punishment was changed to conditional imprisonment. However, the policeman was not satisfied even with this result. He decided to have another trial, though he was risking his freedom, and won it. Moreover, the judge Liudmila Laryna advised him to sue for compensation of moral and material harm, and for rehabilitation at work.