Alexander Chyhir starts serving arrest

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 1 October a public activist from Babruisk Ales Chyhir starts serving his 10-days’ arrest. He has been sentenced to this punishment within the frames of a criminal case that had been brought against him after an incident with a taxi driver. On 29 May the driver was driving Alexander, his wife and daughter home. The driver refused to issue a receipt to Chyhir and drove the passenger to the police station instead. There Mr. Chyhir was charged with threats to the driver, damage of the car and insubordination to the police. Though beaten by the police, Chyhir was found guilty and sentenced to ten days of jail. Despite the fact that the case was considered in summer, the politician is imprisoned only now.

‘The elections are over and the authorities return to their old cases’, says Chyhir. ‘The foreign observers and human rights watchdogs have gone away and the finishing off of the civil society continues. I also have payment of fines and a public trial ahead. I think it is also an element of thought-out and purposeful finishing off.’