Vitsebsk: Strange migration of constituency commissions

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Till the afternoon of 28 September the electoral commission of Vitsebsk-Chkalauskaya constituency #18 was situated at secondary school #45 in Vitsebsk. However, in the afternoon the commission disappeared from the school. No information about it was published in the mass media and the reasons were not explained.

Later the commission was found outside the borders of its constituency, in the building of Pershamaiski district executive committee of Vitsebsk. The aim of this ‘migration’ is to change the route for the heads of precinct commissions during transportation of the final protocols of voting. Most probably, these protocols with be shown to the head of the executive committee or to the head of the ideological department, and only then will be passed to the commission.

The same thing happened to the electoral commission of Vitsebsk-Horkauskaya constituency #17. Now it is also situated in the appropriate executive committee in Vitsebsk.

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