Belaaziorsk: proxy gets expelled from polling station

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Election observer Ihar Salavei, a proxy of a candidate for deputy Yury Hubarevich, has been expelled from polling station #16, situated at secondary school #3 in Belaaziorsk (Biaroza electoral constituency #9).

According to Salavei, he several times made remarks to members of the commissions concerning the violations they were committing. For instance, he did it when they explained for whom the electors were to vote, or when a member of the commissions went to a voting cabin. When he asked a voter to show the document after showing which she had received a ballot. This document was a permit, which cannot be considered as a sufficient document for confirming one’s identity. After it the observer was expelled from the polling station by the head of the electoral commission Maryna Yurenia. Now he is going to complain to the electoral commission of Biaroza constituency #9 against illegal actions of M.Yurenia.