Mahiliou: attempt to expel observer from polling station

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Drawing up an act about violation of the electoral laws is interference with the activities of the commission’s work, this is the way such actions of observers are considered by the head of precinct commission #98 of electoral constituency #86.

‘The commission members refused to provide to me any information about the electoral process’, said observer Andrei Dvihun. ‘Then I drew up an act about violation of the electoral legislation, because elections must be conducted openly and transparently. I composed another act about violation because I again received no information and unauthorized persons were present on the territory of the polling station (I mean the director of the polyether fibers plant Haradzetski, who visited this polling station several times during the election).’

It’s worth mentioning that the electoral commission of this precinct consists only of workers of polyether fibers plant.

‘Then the head of the commission said that by my acts I interfered with the work of the electoral commission and asked the duty policeman to lead me out of the polling stations. However, I asked other observers to stand for me. They took my side and said that I behaved in conformity with my functions. Then the head of the commission went away.’

According to Andrei Dvihun, at present the turnout is only 30%. ‘According to the information received from the head of the commission, 401 people voted early and on the voting day we counted about 300 voters. All in all, 2 160 electors are registered at this polling station. However, the constituency electoral commission informed me that 51% of electors voted at this polling station,’ says Andrei Dvihun.

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