Hlybokaye: False campaigners to create nice picture

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Local authorities of Hlybokaye organized a provocation against BPF candidate Yaraslau Bernikovich. Probably, they knew they could not rely only on the administrative resource.   

In the afternoon of September 26th a group of drunken men looking homeless were hanging around Hlybokaye. They spread the leaflets in support of Yaraslau Bernikovich. According to Yaraslau, probably the provocation is connected to the fact that a Swedish TV crew arrived that day in town to cover the election campaign. However, Bernikovich does not exclude that the picture with false campaigners was prepared for the Belarusian TV which would later “show the real face of an oppositionist” to the Belarusian citizens.

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