Maladechna: “Tick off” in required place

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For many years Maladechna polling stations practice such a hidden form of agitation as an example of how a ballot paper should be filled out. However, the number of candidates in the example is always the same as the number of candidates in the district. The tick stands near the number where the last name of the official candidate should be. Every election that practice gives ground for conflicts between the observers and precinct election commissions. Observers write reports and complaints, but with every new election the situation repeats. This is happening despite the fact that there is an example of a ballot paper approved by the Central Election Commission. It is included in the book “Elections of members of the Chamber of Representatives of the National Assembly of the 4th convocation”, which was received by all commissions. According to the chair of one of the precinct election commissions, the “self-made” example was given to them by Maladechna city district commission # 70. Local observers are writing their complaints again…

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