Minsk: 'Mismatches' at polling stations

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Few people come to the polling stations of Minsk on the Election Day. However, according to the electoral commissions the turnout is very high – several hundreds at each polling stations.

The observers who are keeping their duty at the polling stations, report about 20-30 voters, whereas the electoral commissions increase this number to 300-500 people. Such a situation can be observed today at Uskhodniaya electoral constituency #107 and Yaseninskaya constituency #100.

It is quite interesting that during the early voting the commissions tended to depreciate the number of the voters, whereas now they exaggerate it.

Besides, at one of the polling stations of Yaseninskaya constituency an observer noticed that the number of the left ballots did not meet the number of those who did not vote: about 200 ballots are missing. He informed an OSCE observer about it. The OSCE observer said that such situation could be observed yesterday at almost all precincts of this constituency.

Thus, now there are more reasons to state about massive throw-ins of ballots during early voting. What is observed now is just final ‘correction’ of numbers.

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