Scandal: Ballot-stuffing recorded

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

A ballot box was opened during the lunch break from 2.00 to 4.00 pm at polling station #456 in Minsk, observer Vital Stazharou reports to

He came to the polling station after lunch and found out that seal on the ballot box didn’t look like at a photo, he took at 2.00 pm. At 4.00 pm, leader of the United Civil Party Anatol Liabedzka, who runs in this district (Staravilenskaya #5), and OSCE international observer from Estonia came to the station.

Head of the commission Mikalai Lahunovich denies the fact of opening the box. He even said Vital Stozharau might stay for a night at the polling station.

“It is clear that ballots were replaced in the box,” Anatol Lyabedzka thinks. “And unprecedented fact – the offer to stay for a night at the station – confirms the fact.”

The ballot box was guarded by police officer Siarhei Mikhailovich (official number А-11437).

At 3.45 pm, a policeman did not allow Sviatlana Viarheichyk, observer at polling stations ##284 and 285 (both located in secondary school #95) to enter the stations. He said the break was not over. According to the observers, there were no such problems before. Meanwhile, members of election commissions were at the stations. The observer was permitted to go only at 4.00 pm.

Before the break, the deputy head of the administration of the Centralny rayon of Minsk visited the polling stations and had a conversation with heads of the election commissions.

“I have an impression that they have already done what they wanted and won’t wait for the night,” Sviatlana Viarheichyk said.