Slutsk district: police help people to vote for ‘right man’

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Today the coordinator of election monitoring in Minsk oblast Mikalai Pakhabau voiced a number of registered violations of the electoral legislation.

‘In Slutsk electoral constituency #74 policemen helped those who voted early to fill in the ballots. Such cases were registered in gymnasium #1 (polling station #7) and at polling station #29 in the central library. A complaint concerning these facts has been filed to the appropriate state organs,’ he said.

According to Pakhabau, a similar ‘service’ was offered to voters by members of precinct commission in Pukhavichy and Zhodzina districts.

In Lahoiskaya electoral constituency #67 the commissions refused to inform the candidates for deputies about the results of early voting. In Pleshchanitsy there was organized a PR-action for an ‘official’ candidate – he participated in the solemn lightning of a torch during celebration of bringing of a gas-pipe to the town.