Mahiliou: Information about candidate not posted because… he has no higher education

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

At polling station # 40 of district # 85 campaign materials of Aliaksei Paulouski are not posted.


Aliaksei Paulouski points out, he visited polling stations many times and noticed that some of them failed to place his campaign materials on the board.


“I addressed precinct commission # 40 (gymnasia # 3) many times, with the request to post my flyers. The precinct commission replied that I had no higher education and should not start a scandal. They even promised they would draw up a report that I started a row.”, -- Aliaksei Paulouski says.


Paulouski states he provided the precinct election commission with his posters a week before the incident. Members of the commission promised to place it on the billboard. However, they did not keep their promise. Aliaksei Paulouski filed a complaint to the district commission, asking to influence their subordinate commission and post his campaign material at the polling station.


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