Rechytsa: Leanid Nevar has problems with meetings with people

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Two candidates run for the Chamber of Representatives in Rechytsa. Meetings with voters at the city enterprises are organized for head of the finance department of Rechytsa rayon executive committee Ala Isachanka. Independent candidate Leanid Nevar has problems with organizing meetings.


Leanid Nevar says, he was not able to hold a meet8ing in “Rechytsa agricultural equipment Ltd.”

The workers were to be informed about the meeting at 5 p.m. by the administration of the company. However, the person responsible for ideology failed to do that and was missing at the appointed time. The candidate could not hold a meeting in Raiselhastransport state transportation company. Head of the company Aliaksandr Kharytonau said: “why should we hold this meeting? We have already organized one, with candidate Isachanka”.  


Leanid Nevar had a prior agreement with the local utility company (Rechytsadobrauparadkavanniee) about a meeting with its workers. On September 17th Nevar arrived for the meeting. There was a poster about the meeting at the gates, and the workers stayed after work and waited for the meeting to begin. However, when Nevar arrived, the company director Aliaksandr Astapenka refused to talk to him and did not let them sit in the conference room. As a result, the candidate had to talk with the people in the open air, with cars passing by all the time.



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