Baranavichy: Early voting conducted with violations

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Representatives of precinct election commissions of Baranavichy-Zakhodniaya district # 5 and Baranavichy rural district # 7 refuse to provide information to agents of candidates Mikalai Charnavus and Ryhor Hryk (both nominated by UCP) and to BHC observers. This is violation of Article 65 of the Constitution and Article 13 of the Election Code that say that elections are to be open and transparent.


Today is the first day of early voting all over the country. Violations started from the very first day of early voting in Baranavichy.


“When I came to polling station # 15 today at 9.40 a.m., -- Mikalai Seviartsau, agent of candidate Charnavus says, -- I saw the ballot box for early voting which had been sealed in the absence of observers. Two commission members were on duty near the ballot box. Only the upper part of the box was sealed. The box itself was made of separate pieces which were attached with furniture screws, which can be easily unscrewed when needed”.

Mikalai Seviartsau suggested to seal the side and the bottom of the ballot box, but commission member Iryna Ivaniushkina refused to do that. She also refused to tell him the number of ballot papers received from the district commission.


In the opinion of Mikalai Seviartsau and Mikalai Chyzhykau (observer in Baranavichy rural district # 7) who was also refused information about the number of ballot papers, such facts are the strong evidence of the fact that the elections on this stage are not democratic.


As we see, formation of district and precinct election commissions with violation of the law without including UDF representatives, is quite useful for the authorities.


Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections