Kobryn: Alexander Mekh writes about violations. Did he choose the right addressee?

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On September 23rd candidate in Kobryn district # 12 Alexander Mekh sent an open letter to president Alexander Lukashenka.


A. Mekh speaks about serious violations of the election legislation in Kobryn and claims, “by their actions the district election commission and the Central Election Commission discredit not only themselves but the whole election campaign in Belarus”.


In his open letter Mekh addresses the president as the guarantor of the Constitution and asks to “protect the main law of the country and the Belarusian people from arbitrariness of local officials”. Alexander Mekh draws the president’s attention to numerous violations of his rights as a citizens who participates in the election. He mentions unlawful actions of the head of Kobryn unit of Beltransgaz, open pressure from KGB, and his unlawful dismissal from work. Mekh stresses inactivity of the court and prosecutor’s office when direct evidence of forgery of the documents presented to court was revealed.


Alexaner Mekh points out, the district commission and the Central Election Commission do not pay attention to serious violations of the election law by such candidates as H. Dmitruk, A. Zazulia, and Ul. Kuchynski.


Mekh asks “to stop development of arbitrariness and impunity of the officials, to establish law and justice in the country”.


The open letter of the candidate in Kobryn district is sent to the President’s Office, all big newspapers and informational centers of the country.


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