Yelsk: Democratic candidate’s team member detained

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On September 22nd, 10 p.m. the police detained Vasil Siliverst in Yelsk. He is member of the initiative group of UCP candidate in Paleskaya district # 43 Mikalai Haurylenka.


The detention was carried out by police major Kalesnik. Siliverst was walking home. The police major started to pick on the activist on the pretext that he didn’t have a light reflector on his clothes and called him “oppositionist”. He reproached Siliverst for supporting Mikalai Haurylenka, the opponent of Siarhei Kanoplich, head of Yelsk rayon executive committee.


Vasil Siliverst, Chernobyl liquidator and invalid, was taken to Yelsk police department. The detention was accompanied with foul language and insults, threats they would “send him to mental house” or “find an article and throw him behind bars”.