Lukashenka: “Observers should not press on election commissions”

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Unprecedented conditions for transparency of the election campaign have been created in Belarus, state leader Alexander Lukashenka claimed at the conference about the course of the election today.


The Belarusian leader especially stressed that practically everyone who wanted to observe the election were invited to the country.


“As of today over 400 international observers were accredited, and this number will grow 2.5 times by Sunday”, - the president added.


No one will be allowed to destabilize the situation in Belarus during the election campaign, despite the international reaction. “We will not allow problems anywhere – neither in Minsk, not in other cities, -- he said. – Although, it is clear that the disorder could happen only in Minsk, in order to organize a show-off: “the authorities are in decay”, and “so on”.


About 85% of the people in Belarus plan to go to the polls. This is the result of the opinion polls carried out recently Alexander Lukashenka stressed. “This is a very high percentage. The majority of people believe this is their civic duty”, -- the state leader pointed out.


Observers should not apply pressure on the election campaigns. “I would like to underline: commission members and chairmen are the bosses in precinct, district election commissions, and the Central Election Commission. Everything should be done as they say” , -- the state leader pointed out.


Belarus is interested in the recognition of the new parliament on the international arena. “But this is not the end in itself. More importantly, the newly elected parliament should really be representing people and enjoy authority among our citizens” – the state leader underlined.