Mazyr: UCP candidate receives warning

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On September 19th Mazyr district commission #42 held a session. The goal of the session was proposed by commission chair M. M. Pashynski in the following way: discussion of “production and distribution of the leaflet of candidate L. Arlou”. Leanid Arlou is a member of UCP, associate professor of Mazyr Teacher’s University.


What were the commission members so much concerned about? Probably, the fact that the candidate raises the issues most voters think are really important. The leaflets read: “Are the expenditures for “agro-towns” comparable to their efficiency?”; “Who is accountable for the three pretentious but unfinished buildings, which are falling apart, in the 5th rayon of Mazyr?”; “Who was held accountable for the traumas and injuries of dozens of people at the skiing center?”; “for how many years did the authorities try to solve the transportation problems in Mazyr with strict measures, while fixed-run taxis solved it immediately and without a cent from the city budget? And the state bus company had to work better. There are plenty of such “niches” in the economy. People just need a chance to work and earn their income”. Members of the district commission also did not like the questions raised by the candidate: “How much do we pay for technical services and major overhaul every month? After that the utility company suggests the residents have to collect money for the paint to pay the doorway."

In the view of the election commission, Leanid Arlou has to present facts and documented evidence of his statements.


Discussing the candidate’s platform the commission members tried to persuade themselves and asked the same questions: “where one should find the money to finance the mentioned issues how to stop the unfinished buildings from ruining”. They concluded from the discussion: “One should be fair, some questions really twitch, and simply humiliate”. They also remembered about court hearings where people have to present facts and documents to prove their innocence. Only A. Pastukhou, the commission member representing UCP, spoke against such an approach, against censorship and restriction of candidate’s views and activities.

In the end the district election commission decided to give Leanid Arlou the warning for “tactlessness of election campaigning”.


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