Babruisk: “Dirty” methods used against candidate

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Independent candidate Alena Miadzvedzeva who runs in Babruisk-Leninskaya district # 78 became another victim of the “writers” from the city administration. With the “noble“ purpose to “tell the truth about the candidate”, Siamion Piatrouski, author of the article “Wrong Example for Imitation”, tells the readers about her family problems. The article, published in Babruiskaye Zhytstsio newspaper, run by the city authorities, describes not only the private life of Alena Miadzvedzeva but also the lives of her daughter and granddaughter, and indicates their full names. As an experienced gossip the author discusses the details of the candidate’s private life. In the end he reminded the readers about the “political activity” of Miadzvedzeva, her "participation in unsanctioned rallies" and fines.


-- I am not surprised with that kind of article, -- Alena Miadzvedzeva says. – I expected something like this for a long time.


The candidate still did not decide if she was going to file a complaint to court. Babruisk human rights defenders believe she should as the article definitely contains details she can complain to court about.  


Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections