Minsk: warning to Stalislau Bahdankevch

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On 12 September professor Stanislau Bahdankevich, former head of the National Bank, a honorary member of the United Civil Party received a warning from the electoral commission of Chkalauskaya constituency #96 in Minsk at which he is running for the parliament.

The warning was issued for a leaflet with a message of the United democratic forces on one side and the emblem of the United democratic forces, a photo of Bahdankevich and several words about him on the other.
Earlier the officials of the Central electoral commission explained that in the case a leaflet that was distributed before a politician’s registration as a candidate did not contain information about him/her as a candidate or calls to vote for him/her at the election, it could not be considered as early agitation. Bahdankevich’s leaflet did not contain anything of the kind.