Unknown persons broke into apartment of public activist Halina Yubko

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Halina Yubko is one in the group of 40 citizens whose close relatives have been sentenced to different terms of imprisonment, illegally as they believe, and that are trying to attract attention of the regime to problems of justice of Belarus for more than a year. Besides, H.Yubko is trying to bring to justice officials of the presidential Administration for insults and libeling in official documents.

When she returned home on 11 September in the evening, she found that some strangers had visited her apartment. Somebody had made hay of her apartment, but nothing was stolen. ‘Officers of investigation group carried out view of the premises and drew up a report. They seized locks. I hope that a criminal action would be opened in this case,’ H.Yubko said.

She also said that on 3 September an official of Leninski police department of Minsk Alena Kuchar called her and invited for a conversation to a police department with the intention to ask about the criminal case on blast in Minsk on 4 July. A.Kuchar also asked her about an application for holding a protest picket against violations of the law by court and prosecutors. The application was submitted by H.Yubko to Minsk city executive committee in January. The official also wanted to know about Yubko’s participation in collection of signatures for registration of a human rights activist Liudmila Hraznova as a candidate for deputy in Partyzanski constituency. H.Yubko answered that ‘respecting the laws is her lifestyle’, and she didn’t find it necessary to meet police officers after a phone call.

Before the incident, on 10 September in the evening, unknown people called her house intercom, and presenting themselves as policemen, demanded to open the door and receive a summons to a police department. H.Yubko refused to open the door of her apartment to them, but allowed them to enter the porch, and offered to throw the writ into the postbox. ‘However, I found nothing in the postbox’, the she said.