Mahiliou: Lidziya Yarmoshyna sweeps aside complaint of human rights activists

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Alexander Karaliou and Zmitser Salauyou, human rights activists from Mahiliou, received an answer from the head of the Central electoral commission Lidziya Yarmoshyna to their complaint concerning the refusal to admit observers to the procedure of verification of genuineness of the electors’ signatures by the electoral commission of constituency #85.

‘The documents that are presented for registration are checked up by electoral commissions outside the frames of sittings, that’s why the presence of observers, as well as of the applicants, is not provided’, reads the answer.

Bear in mind that observers had applied to the constituency electoral commission for being admitted to the procedure of verification of the genuineness of the electors’ signatures. The following day they received an answer that observers had the right to attend only sittings of the commission. The head of the commission Klemiankova stated that the signatures were checked up by some working groups and it was made outside the frames of sittings.

A pretender for candidate Aliaksei Paulouski also applied to the commission with the request to give him opportunity to attend the work of the commission during verification of the genuinness of the electors’ signatures, but was answered that only observers had the right of presence at sittings of the commission.

‘The answer to Aliaksei Paulouski confirms that the signatures must be checked up at the sittings of the comission’, says the observer Alexander Karaliou, and the establishment of working group violated Article 37 of the Electoral Code concerning the organization of the work of territorial, constituency and precinct commissions.

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