Horki: warning to democratic candidate

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The electoral commission of Horki constituency #81 issued a warning to the candidate Andrei Yurkou after his adherents had posted several agitation posters in Mstsislau and Horki.

At the same time the ruling of Horki district committee determining the places where it was permitted to put agitation materials was not submitted to the officials of the organizations and institutions where such places are situated. For instance, several days ago the acting recot or Belarus State Agricultural Academy Valery Siarheyeu ordered to remove Yurkou’s posters from the advertisement boards of the academy. When the candidate asked for explanations, he found that the rector knew nothing about the ruling of the executive committee.

At the same time, the district executive committees of Horki and Mstsislau continue agitation for the pro-governmental candidates for parliament T.Asmalouskaya and A.Karayed. There have been established special ‘agitation brigades’ from workers of these state agencies. These brigades spend their working time on agitation visits to organizations and insitutions of Horki and Mstislau and the villages of Horki and Mstsislau districts. This work is coordinated by the ideological departments which choose workers of other departments of the executive committees for the agitation groups.

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