Vitsebsk: newspapers and magazines stolen from Barys Khamaida

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A distributor of private press, well-known public activist Barys Khamaida, has been robbed. Unkown thieves have stolen from him several hundreds exemplars of the newspapers Narodnaya Volia¸ Nasha Niva and Kurier iz Vitebska, five magazines Arche and five compilations of Lukashenka’s sayings by Uladzimir Padhol.

Khamaida stored it all at his friends’, not to take everything with them from a city suburb to the center, where he was distributing press. Today in the morning he opened the door of the shed and found that it was empty. Khamaida believes that the ‘thieves’ watched him and knew where he kept the newspapers. That’s why they picked up a key to the door and took the newspapers away.

Mr. Khamaida is not going to apply to the police: he does not believe they will really search for the criminals. He thinks it is not an occasional theft. To his mind, it is connected to the electoral campaign, because the editions he distributed contained many articles about oppositional candidates and the registered violations of the electoral law during the present electoral campaign.